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Designing a Cohesive Campaign for Mint Mobile & Paramount+

Mint Mobile

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Mint Mobile, the wireless carrier known for its disruptive pricing and witty marketing, partnered with Paramount+ to offer a special promotion. The goal? Drive sales for Mint Mobile with the new Paramount+ offer and generate excitement for Ryan Reynolds' new movie, "IF". 

I spearheaded the design of a multi-platform campaign that integrated Mint Mobile's brand identity with the "IF" movie theme. This included:

Website Design: Developed a playful website hero image combining the offer. Clean visuals and clear messaging highlighted benefits for both Mint Mobile and Paramount+ subscriptions.

Email Design: Crafted engaging email creatives featuring Ryan Reynolds and the "IF" movie theme. Eye-catching visuals and humor captured user attention.

Social Media Design: Designed "Minty" social graphics inspired by the official "IF" movie poster. These seamlessly integrated Mint Mobile's branding, driving excitement across platforms.

This project was created while I was the Senior Designer/Art Director at Mint Mobile

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