Mint Mobile

Creative Concepts for Mint Mobile (Case Study)

Mint Mobile

What I Delivered
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Graphic Design
Email Design
Social Media Design 

This case study explores two distinct campaign concepts I developed for Mint Mobile. While these concepts weren't ultimately selected, they showcase the exceptional strength and creativity I bring to the table.

Both concepts incorporated strong visuals, engaging copywriting, and a clear call to action. They were designed to
resonate with Mint Mobile's target audience, sparking interest and encouraging potential customers to switch providers.
The project demonstrates my ability to think outside the box, develop innovative marketing solutions, and craft compelling narratives that connect with target audiences.
No Mo’ Data Fomo

I tackled data FOMO by designing an engaging customer journey for Mint Mobile. I created a captivating IG post to encourage sign-ups, crafted persuasive emails to prompt switching, and designed a SIM kit to reaffirm the decision. Mint Mobile eliminates data FOMO, offering endless possibilities and freedom.
Better Than Your Ex

I developed this concept contrasting big wireless as a bad ex with Mint Mobile as a dependable partner providing extra data and reliability. I designed an attention-grabbing IG post for sign-ups, crafted engaging emails promoting the switch, and created a SIM kit to reinforce customers’ choice. Mint Mobile stands out as a reliable alternative that delivers on promises, unlike the bad exes in wireless.

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