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Event Design for Discount Tire's Lake Tahoe Retreat

Discount Tire

What I Delivered
Creative Direction
Graphic Design
Event Signage

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Discount Tire, a leading tire retailer known for its commitment to employee appreciation, tasked me with leading the creative direction and design for their annual Lake Tahoe work retreat. The goal was to create a visually cohesive and engaging experience that fostered team spirit and unforgettable memories.

This encompassed:
Welcome Signage: A series of large-scale welcome signs greeted attendees upon arrival, showcasing the retreat's theme and setting the tone for a fun-filled weekend.
Directional Signage: Clear and visually appealing directional signs ensured a smooth flow of traffic throughout the event venue.
Themed Graphics: I designed custom graphics that reflected the retreat's theme and were incorporated into various elements, such as t-shirts, banners, and photo booths. This created a unified visual language for the entire event.

This project was created while I was the Senior Designer/Art Director at Discount Tire

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