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A Social Media Makeover for Discount Tire

Discount Tire

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Social strategy
Creative Direction
Graphic Design

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Discount Tire, a household name for car and truck tires for over 60 years, came to me with a mission: revamp their social media presence. They wanted to connect with a wider audience, boost engagement, and stand out in the digital space.

Recognizing the importance of engaging content, I spearheaded the development of a social media strategy for Discount Tire. This strategy focused on creating fresh and engaging posts that would resonate with their loyal customers while attracting new ones.
I led the team in brainstorming and producing a variety of social media posts. These posts ranged from informative tire care tips to lighthearted content that showcased the fun side of car maintenance.
The refresh proved to be a success, with engagement ratings soaring and Discount Tire's social media presence reaching new heights. This project solidified my belief that even a well-established brand can find innovative ways to connect with its audience through creative social media strategies.

This project was created while I was the Senior Designer/Art Director at Discount Tire

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